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and, if you can’t afford my recipes try Rachel Ray’s cheap ass


Jul 22

Obsessed with Sidereel because it’s always happy when I watch TV!

No one else is ever that impressed in my TV skills.  Thanks ipsadixit for the recommendation!

Jul 19

Just finished Snowpiercer and I loved it.

Now reading all about it and I can’t get enough.  A must see.

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Füüt Hammock by Three Dot Creation Consultancy


I need this for my office. Like WHOA.


Jul 16

I made Rice Crispy treats for Mahj tomorrow and now all I want to do is eat all the Rice Crispy treats.

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im sorry about your ovaries ft seb stan and chris evans: a photoset


K L Roy. Decimated Ovaries: the unforeseen consequences of Sebastian Stan upon world-wide fertility rates. Science. 972, 42 - 47 (October 2027)

I don’t know the plot of the street hustler/truck stop rent-boys on a road trip film that I’m seeing here but I know that I want to know it.

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I’m late to the party


I remember thinking “I wish Weird Al would do a Blurred Lines parody so I could have his lyrics in my brain when it gets stuck in my head,” but having little hope it would happen because it had been years since I’d heard of him doing anything.

Thank you Terpsichore.

It’s a thing of beauty.

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ELIE SAAB Paris Fashion Week 2014 - Part 1

Elie Saab never disappoints.

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Give me a tv show in my askbox & I’ll tell you…

Favorite Male character:
Favorite Female character:
Least Favorite Character:
Who’s most like me:
Most attractive:

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Jul 14

Weird Al Yankovic gets ‘Tacky’ with Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ « Nerdist

Unashamed Weird Al fan over here.  Love this!

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