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Michelle Obama 💁💯

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You’ll pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and lifeless hands.

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Jul 28

Exhausted after spending the day in the city office.

My team was there to present a short, but important, presentation to kick-off a week long event.  Other members of our department were also presenting and we were going to wrap ~3 and then head out while the city folks did the rest of their business.  Except after a break they skipped the last presentation by our group and we were stuck there for another 3 hours because we were sitting right in front of the presenter podium, in a room that was way too small!!  And we were only able to leave after that because they finally took another break.  It was looking like we were going to be in there for the long haul!  It’s always interesting to be included in events like these and it’s a good learning experience but the commute is killer.

Finally home after rewarding myself with Five Guys, about to pass out on my couch.

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best poster at Comic Con, yes or yes?

Come back Orphan Black!


best poster at Comic Con, yes or yes?

Come back Orphan Black!

Jul 26

I really want a donut. Or a pecan danish ring.

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We already knew “Game of Thrones” was headed to Dorne in Season 5, but now we finally know who will be playing Oberyn Martell’s Dornish relatives.

Find out more about each new character here.

Getting excited!

Jul 24

I drive 20 minutes to go to a Salsa class tonight, the first one I’ll have taken since I’ve moved here, and it was cancelled.

Not really cancelled since she explained that they weren’t planning on having it but, then … why did the woman I spoke to on the phone last night tell me the class was happening?!?!?  I specifically asked if they were holding class tonight since even though their schedule is on the website I wanted to double check!  Unbelievable!

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